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School Visits

When I did my first book, G is for Granite by Marie Harris, my publisher Sleeping Bear Press, told me I would be doing school visits.  I decided I wanted to make an impression on the students to want to create art. Rather than just talking about myself, I decided to create a fun learning experience.  This program has proven to be a wonderful way to introduce the process of becoming a book illustrator and additionally give the students the feeling that they really can draw!  So often, in my classes, and actually almost daily,  I hear the words “I can’t draw.”  Well, that is because you were never shown.  Everyone can learn to draw.  We may not all become a Michelangelo, but we can all certainly have some confidence.  I find once people have painted in a class they leave with a positive happy demeanor.  I hope to continue to spread this happiness and help people get over a fear.  Drawing and painting are so healing.  I find when I spend a day painting, my soul has been replenished!

A little bit about the visit…….


Each class write’s a class poem about an animal


I illustrate the poem on an 11x17 paper and color with pastels.  I create 8-1/2x11 sheets of paper with the poem typeset.  Each student gets two sheets of paper, one with the poem, then other sheet has the circles roughed in to give them an up close sample.


I walk the students through the steps of illustrating this poem using the circle technique.  I bring pastels and show them fun ways to use the pastels to create their work of art.


It is great fun and all of the kids end up with a really great drawing.


I have been to the Matthew Thornton School in Londonderry for 16 years in a row now! 


I hope to see you soon!


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We usually have a special visitor in our kids classes!  Portland loves kids and the kids love her too!