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Incredibly fun paint nights, parties and classes at The Christmas Dove in Barrington, New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s 

Ultimate Creative Experience

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Private Parties are the best at Refined Art NH!  Just call or email us, reserve your date and time, gather at least 8 friends and have a party! We provide all painting materials and aprons, you provide the people and the food!  


Pick your own painting, bring food and drinks and relax, create & enjoy!  We have great music, great instruction, quality materials, and a perfect set up for painting!  For larger parties we have an upper room for food.


Kids Birthday Parties are magical!  We have all kinds of parties!  We will paint a painting to match your theme, or select from our gallery.  We do tea parties with antique tea cups and tea pots to make it special for the young ones!  All paintings are age appropriate and we take great pride making sure that all ages are able to paint and be successful.


What to do:


Call or email us

Reserve your date and time(We are available 7 days a week!)

Select your painting(although we don’t mind if you change your mind when you get to the studio!)

Bring friends, food and drinks and have a great time


If you see a class already posted for a date you might want for a party, please call. There is a chance the room is still available for your party if you call early enough!

Email us to arrange a party

A L L   K I N D S   O F   P A R T I E S !


b r i d a l  s h o w e r s whether or a surprise or planned, bridal showers are so much fun in our studio.  Create hand painted glasses as gifts for your wedding, hand paint flower vases for the tables, or we will create a special painting for your group to paint that incorporates your wedding colors.


p a i n t  n i g h t s are so much fun!  We have your typical paint night!  Fun music, a great painting, bring your own food and drinks and have a great time!  Public classes are listed on our calendar monthly.  You can sign up online or call to reserve your seat and pay in the studio.


t e a m   b u i l d i n g with many years of corporate work in interior design, architecture, illustrating and painting, we can create a wonderful project for your company.  You can do a team painting and create a mural or paint individual paintings.  We’ll give you lots of ideas how to work as a team!


g l a s s  p a i n t i n g paint on wine glasses, vases, champagne glasses or just about anything else you can think of!  We have developed come great techniques to help everyone have a successful product. 


b a b y  s h o w e r s are special at the Dove.  We can create a special painting for a babies room or paint on one of our wooden wall plaques. We have an assortment to choose from - a onesie,  a moon with stars, flowers.......a great way to make some special wall hangings for a child’s room, all in colors to match your decor.


d o o r  h a n g e r s are new to our studio - create a door hanger for your front door!  Lots of choices! These are laser cut door hangers - totally cool!


c a n v a s   b a g  p a i n t i n g is new to our studio - we will help you paint something fun on a canvas bag!  Or we can paint one for you.  Custom orders take about a week.  Your choice!


s i g n  p a i n t i n g s are new to our studio - create a sign for your home.  We will typeset whatever words you like, you create your very own sign on wood.  Send in a picture of your home and we can help you add this onto your sign.


b r i d a l   s h o w e r s

p a i n t   n i g h t  s

t e a m   b u i l d i n g

g l a s s   p a i n t i n g

b a b y   s h o w e r s

s i g n   p a i n t i n g !


P A R T I E S !

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All paintings and designs are ©karen busch holman 2017


Refined Art NH

at the Christmas Dove

11 Christmas Lane

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