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Incredibly fun paint nights, parties and classes at The Christmas Dove in Barrington, New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s 

Ultimate Creative Experience

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Lots of fun types of classes for students!  Learn to draw animals and still lifes!  Beginner to intermediate classes in illustrating, interior design, architectural design or graphic design.  Students that need help getting their portofolios ready for college are welcome!  Presentation classes for all ages.  Private lessons are available or if you have a few students interested, take it as a group lesson!

Private and Semi-Private Art Lessons:


Ages 6-10: Need 2 students in a lesson

45 minute drawing lesson with pastels - $25.00

1 hour drawing lesson with pastels - $30.00

1 hour painting lesson - $35.00


Ages 11-adult: 

45 minute drawing lesson with pastels - $40.00

1 hour painting lesson - $50.00


Group kids lessons - up to 7-8 students

1-1/4 hour drawing lesson with pastels - $15.00 per student

1-1/2 - 2 hour painting lesson - $25.00 per student


Please make sure students have eaten before lessons so that they are not hungry during class!

If you would like to see some of Karen’s Fine Art, please click here and it will take you to her fine art site……

All paintings and designs are ©karen busch holman 2017


Refined Art NH

at the Christmas Dove

11 Christmas Lane

Barrington, NH 03825